Skating Instruction - Shannon Salter

Shannon Salter

  • 17 years skating experience

  • 5 years of coaching experience

  • USFSA Novice Moves in the Field, Juvenile Freestyle, and Bronze Dance Tests  

  • Professional Skaters Association Basic Accreditation & Fundamental Level Ranking

Shannon has been a figure skater and member of the Wenatchee Figure Skating Club since 2006. She has participated in the Wenatchee Figure Skating Club’s Christmas Show every year as well as Numerica’s Winter Ice Galas since the 1st annual show in 2013. She has competed on behalf of the WFSC in many competitions including some international competitions. She qualified to compete at the 2019 National Showcase with an individual dramatic showcase and in the WFSC Production Ensemble, which placed 3rd.

Before becoming a certified coach in 2018, Shannon volunteered for seven years as a Jr. Coach in the Learn-to-Skate program. She is certified through U.S. Figure Skating Association (USFSA) and Professional Skater’s Association (PSA)  where she completed her continuing education requirements to qualify her as a “category A” coach.

Skating has a special place in Shannon's heart and she hopes to help spread the joy of skating to her students. She believes everyone can learn important life skills through skating, such as a strong work ethic, persistence, patience, and good character, as well as have fun. Shannon aims to give her students the encouragement to reach their goals and instill a love of the sport.