Skating Instruction - Shannon Salter

2022-2023 Fee Schedule

Private Lessons:

  • 15 minutes (standard)------- $15.50
  • 30 minutes------------------- $31.00
  • 45 minutes------------------- $46.50
  • 60 minutes------------------- $62.00

I recommend that all beginning skaters take a minimum of two 15-minute lessons a week. Once at the Pre-Preliminary level, I recommend that skaters take a minimum of three 15-minute lessons per week. At the Juvenile level and above, I recommend a minimum of five 15 minute private lessons per week. Ideally, they should skate daily to practice what they've learned in their lessons. The more they practice, the quicker they will progress.


Competition Practice Ice:

Competition practice ice is typically 30 minutes in duration. It is beneficial for the skater to have their coach with them for practice ice. Think of this as a lesson that is further preparing them for competition. I charge the same as a 30 minute private lesson, $31.00. If I have more than one skater on the same practice ice, I divide the cost equally between the participants.

E.X. (30-minute lesson) $31.00/2 (2 skaters) = $15.50 each

Competition Coaching:

I spend a couple of hours with each skater before, during, and after they compete. Before they compete we do an off-ice warm up and work on visualization exercises. Just prior to their competition they also have a few minute warm-up that I coach them through. After they compete we go over the results once posted. I charge a flat fee of $31.00 per program/event.

Competition Travel Expenses:

When traveling out of town for a competition or test, the cost for my hotel, fuel, and food is divided equally between all families attending the competition.


Test Coaching:

Once skaters pass Basic 1-8 and Free Skate 1-6 they go on to the final 8 levels. The levels include Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior. Each level has two tests called Moves in the Field and Free StyleOnce skaters reach these levels they must test before judges in order to pass a test or level. I charge a flat fee of $31.00 per test.

Test Travel Expenses:

When traveling out of town for a test the cost for my hotel, fuel, and food is divided equally between all families attending the test session.

Music Cutting Service:

Having music and a program is a fun way to practice the skills being taught. I put a lot of thought into the music chosen for a skater but also love when skaters choose their own (on approval). I typically purchase the full song online and spend time cutting/editing the piece to the required length as described for their skating level by U.S. Figure Skating. I charge a flat fee of $25.00 for this service.